What comes with each ICE HELIX 5/7 CHIRP GPS G2 unit?

  • ICE HELIX 5 or  7 CHIPR GPS G2 Fishfinder
  • XI 9 1251 Dual Spectrum CHIRP Transducer and Cable
  • 9 Amp Hour Battery and Charger
  • Gimbal Mounting Bracket
  • Portable Ice Bag


Can I turn my existing HELIX 5/7 CHIRP GPS G2/G2N model into an ICE HELIX model by purchasing the new XI 9 1521 CHIRP Ice Transducer and a portable bag?

In order for it to work with the HELIX 5/7 CHIRP GPS G2/G2N Series, you should update your unit to software version 1.540 or higher.   This update is now available in the MyHummin

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When can I get the new ICE HELIX CHIRP GPS G2 Series?

The G2 Series has begun shipping . Check your local retailer for these products now.  

ICE HELIX G2 models include the Humminbird Basemap. Can I get the Basemap on my first-generation ICE HELIX 5/7 model?

The Humminbird Basemap is only available on GPS-equipped G2/G2N editions of the HELIX 5 and 7 model lines (both standard and ICE Series units).

Will the new CHIRP Ice Transducer (XI 9 1521) work on my first-generation ICE HELIX 5/7 models?

First-generation ICE HELIX 5/7 models do not CHIRP therefore they cannot support the new XI 9 1521 CHIRP Ice Transducer.

Can I update my existing first-generation ICE HELIX 5/7 first-generation units to perform just like a G2 model?

Humminbird is continuously working on new products and software updates. However, at the current time, there is no software update available on first-generation ICE HELIX 5/7 model

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Does Humminbird - Johnson Outdoors offer a Military Discount?

Thanks for your interest in Humminbird. Although we do support our military through the sponsorship of several benefit tournaments and organizations, we do not currently offer indi

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What settings should I use to improve my ability to spot fish with 360 Imaging?

360 works best for seeing targets, rocks, reefs, etc so you know where to cast.  It also works well for following big pods of bait fish. 

To get a better 360 image for spotting fish

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With this new Basemap, can I avoid the downloading process and just buy an SD card?

If you have a slow internet connection speed or choose not to wait for the necessary Software Update and Humminbird Basemap files to download, you may purchase a pre-loaded SD card

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